Login to E-Prescribe

E-Prescribing is a key component of MasterPharm’s advanced extended electronic prescribing suite of services. Thanks to E-Prescribing, providers can transmit their prescription to the pharmacy with unprecedented flexibility, speed, and security. With E-Prescribing there is no need to use fax machines or tie phone lines, and there is never a need to call the pharmacy just to verify if a prescription was received.

MasterPharm’s E-Prescribing is available free of charge to licensed healthcare providers with prescription writing privileges. Please call us to open an account for your practice or to request more information. These are some of the advantages of using E-Prescribing.


  • No cost to you. No software to buy. No maintenance costs
  • No electronic medical records software needed
  • Use any stand-alone or multi-function scanner


  • Access using a secure, encrypted web site
  • Transmits prescriptions in an encrypted secure way to eliminate the risk of inappropriate use of confidential patient information


  • You or your staff can preview and approve all orders before sending them
  • Access to patients drug history and compliance right from the pharmacy’s computer
  • You see virtual elimination of prescribing errors due to incorrect transmission of handwritten prescriptions
  • Secure HIPAA-compliant messaging to communicate with the pharmacy for any reason


  • Eliminates the need for outgoing faxing
  • No dedicated fax line, no outgoing fax charges