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Pain Management

Pain Management Physicians are highly regarded due to their ability to effectively treat patients with a variety of common conditions often seen in the medical field, one in particular, chronic lumbar pain, is being effectively be treated using interventional injection techniques.

Lumbar spine pain continues to rank as the most common complaint that a primary care office will see. After a complete course of conservative therapy including medication, rest, and physical therapy, many orthopedists and other pain specialists will begin a trial of spinal injections with various agents after definitively identifying the source to be facet in origin.

Diagnostic facet foint injections, although intended to act primarily as a diagnostic tool, can effectively treat chronic facet pathology when administered correctly, and with the appropriate medication. Many physicians will now routinely use multiple agents for their direct effect on pain as well as the anti-inflammatory and long lasting therapeutic effects compared to the former medications by themselves. Destructive facet joint injections with various medications may be effective for long term management of chronic lumbar spine pain originating from the lumbar facet joints. Destructive facet joint procedures are also commonly performed using rhizotomy which has benefits beyond a neurolytic solution by itself.

Facet Joint injections containing various agents as well as many other procedures involving the facet joint , are intricate alternatives to surgical intervention.. Facet Joint injections have a relatively favorable safety profile, when performed by competent and highly trained practitioners, highly effective, reimbursed generously; however understandably so considering the skill and training required in order to administer the technique correctly, and can potentially provide benefits otherwise available only with surgical involvement.

At Master Pharm, it is our mission to make sure the quality of the products used with these injections are of the highest caliber so that we may also contribute to your patients overall health and well-being.

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Masterpharm provides a complete range of products prescribed by physicians in Pain Management to equip the practitioner’s office; whether you are a primary care physician or an anesthesiologist with fellowship training in pain management, Masterpharm has the resources and staff to help you provide your patients with the highest level of care possible.

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